How I found my path to healing

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I didn’t acknowledge my mental illness until I was in my 20’s. After all, I had a great life! Why would I be depressed? I didn’t understand that depression and anxiety were truly “first-world problems.”

But here’s my story of going from complete denial to acceptance and beginning a path of healing for my mental illnesses.

As a baby, I was adopted into a great family. That didn’t stop me from experiencing turmoil as a teenager when insecurities were high and self-esteem was low. As I struggled with friend groups, it was common for me to think back to not…

5 things to help when you feel emotionally numb

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Best friend: Hey! How’s it going?

You: oh, you know, it’s been one of those days…

Best friend: What’s up?

You: *shoulder shrug*

I don’t feel it’s uncommon for our generation to have days when we wake up, and we simply can’t. We can’t go out, we can’t answer calls, we just can’t even — with anything.

For some, this inability to function is directly related to mental health disorders or mental illness. If that’s the case, definitely do what your medical doctor and therapist have recommended for you specifically, and take everything I say with a grain of salt.

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If you’ve ever felt your stomach drop, knowing your relationship (and heart) just shattered… this one’s to you, babe.

It probably happened after your friends and family were already asleep. Caught you fully off guard, support-less. Left utterly alone to deal with his shocking news. Last time you had seen each other was his surprise visit with flowers. It’s hard to fathom what happened between the flowers and kisses to now.

Well, let me tell you what didn’t happen.

You didn’t lose your: Beauty. Smarts. Personality. Wit. Head-turning laugh. Spirituality. Sensitivity to others. Love for life. The light in your eyes. Anything.

Those were a part of you before he fell for you! …


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